No more worrying about your website. Managed web hosting from Nexus Studio is more than just web hosting.
In addition to automatic checks, your website is also manually checked for security and functioning.

  • Secure and super fast web hosting
  • Including SSL Certificate
  • Update service for WordPress
  • Periodic security check
  • Free Moving worth €100
  • Management and support possible
  • Domain hosting with DNSSEC security

What is webhosting?

Simply put, web hosting is renting a piece of web space on a server on which you store the files that make up your website. A server is a computer that is connected to the internet 24/7 and is located in a data center that is specially designed for this purpose. The server therefore makes it possible for visitors to view your website.


A domain name is a unique name on the internet. My domain name is nexus-studio.eu. Domain names are usually used for websites. But you can also request a domain name for a personal email address. A domain name has a long number as an address: the IP address. Because such a number is difficult to remember, the domain names were invented. The domain name system (DNS) translates the IP address into a domain name.

To visit a website, type an address or URL in a web browser (chrome / edge / firefox / safari). This is usually shown at the top of the bar. This address includes the domain name.

A domain name is required to host a website or use mail services. You can register this with Nexus Studio. I then link this to the web hosting package. If you have registered a domain name somewhere else, I can move it or have the DNS adjusted so that you can still use Nexus Studio Webhosting or, for example, Microsoft 365 business.

Extra convenience

You can also always fall back on my services if you experience a problem with your WordPress website. Whether it is a problem with a plugin, template or manually entered code that limits the functioning of your site. I have been creating websites since 2005 and have a thorough knowledge of various CMS systems.

Fast and Secure

In addition to extra services and personal service, you also get a good product. The capacity of the server and the connection is very large so that your website always loads quickly. In addition, numerous measures have been taken to guarantee a high level of safety.


Standard WordPress Webhosting

  • Free website transfer worth € 100,-
  • Including SSL Certificate
  • Periodical security check
  • Storage 5 GB
  • Data traffic 250 GB
  • 1 MySQL database
  • Automatic backup
  • Helpdesk

Premium WordPress Webhosting

  • Free website transfer worth € 100,-
  • Including SSL Certificate
  • Periodical security check
  • Storage 10 GB
  • Data traffic unlimited (fair use)
  • 4 MySQL databases
  • Automatic backup
  • Manual wordpress checks
  • Helpdesk

* Invoicing is done annually in advance, prices without applicable taxes.


Professional, reliable and always thinks along with you!

Faysal Ghazlane
Great and fast service. Website in just one week. Next time again!

Dave Hendriks, Prospr Capital

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